The first computer I owned was a 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which was my main system from mid 1982 until Christmas 1989. I then upgraded to a Spectrum +3, and just prior to Christmas 1990 I moved over to the Amiga 500.

The Amiga 500, I subsequently expanded with a 1 megabyte RAM upgrade before this was part-exchanged for an Amiga 1200 shortly after it was released.

My Amiga 1200 has since been moved into a Power Computing Power Tower, and continues to be used and upgraded.

I still enjoy dabbling with the Spectrum, and my main machine is a refurbished Spectrum +3 with an Enjoy DivIDE interface.

Commodore Amiga
A brief background history of the Amiga, details of my Power Tower set-up, and other items.